Please remember, if you provide this service, you must hold a current APC.

Telehealth is the use of information and video conferencing technologies to deliver health services to a patient and/or communicate health information regarding that patient. 

Technology for using Telehealth

It is expected you will use platforms that have voice and video capabilities. Some of your patients may not have access to videoconferencing capable devices.   

Any device, software or service used for the purposes of telehealth must be secure and fit for purpose and must preserve the quality of the information or image being transmitted. Storage of information must be secure and remain onsite. Using platforms such as Skype, Zoom, Teams or other electronic record management systems requires additional strategies to maximise privacy and information security and this will be engaged by the practitioner.

Record keeping

It is important to inform and record the appointment appropriately within your notes including consent gained to use telehealth as outlined below.

You must clearly document the reason for, and method of telehealth used in your patient’s clinical record.

Patient consent

Please read out the following statement to your patient and record your patient’s response in their clinical record:

  1. Do you declare that you have provided true and correct information and you’ll tell ACC if your situation changes?
  2. Do you authorise me as your chiropractor to lodge your claim with ACC?
  3. Do you authorise your records to be collected or disclosed to ACC to help determine cover for your claim, determine what you’ll be entitled to, or for research purposes (such as injury prevention, or assessment, and rehabilitation)?

Please ensure you are familiar with the following documents: