Your legal responsibilities as a practitioner

As a registered health practitioner, you have certain responsibilities under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003.

  • You must:

    We strongly recommend that you:

    • Display your annual practising certificate prominently in your practice
    • Notify the Registrar in writing if you believe that another health practitioner poses a risk of harm to the public by practising below the required standard of competence
    • Assist in the regulation of your profession; for example by participating in professional conduct committees or competence review committees when asked to do so.

    Chiropractic operates in a private practice environment so we depend on the active participation of the professions for this process to be effective.

  • As well as your legal responsibilities, you also have ethical responsibilities as a health practitioner.   The Board’s Code of Ethics sets out the core ethical principles you must observe.

    Ethical standards are principles of professional conduct that you must meet to fulfil your duty to patients, the public and to your colleagues. They guide attitude and behaviour and as such they extend beyond professional skills and technical competence. The ethical standards you are expected to observe often exceed your legal obligations.

    These principles also provide a guide to the public to determine reasonable expectations from practitioners. 

  • If you have concerns about the performance of a colleague, consider the following:

    • Was there a one-off incident that concerns you, or does there appear to be a pattern of poor performance emerging?
    • Have you talked to the chiropractor about your concerns?
    • Was it a one-off incident or a serious departure from accepted chiropractic practise? 
    • Did the chiropractor have an acceptable explanation for this departure?
    • Has there recently been a change in the chiropractor’s behaviour or ability? If so, you may want to consider the possibility of a health issue impacting on their ability to perform. 

    If you raise your concerns with us, please note that any information you provide must come with your consent to send onto the Chiropractor for their comment, as per the principles of natural justice.


    You must:

    • Notify the Registrar immediately if you employ a health practitioner who resigns or is dismissed from their employment for reasons relating to competence.
    • Comply with any orders that the Council may make following a review of your competence.
    • Comply with the requirements of any competence programme that we may set [(section 40)]. 
    • Allow us to inspect all or any of your clinical records for the purpose of a competence review, competence programme or recertification programme.

    Health concerns:

    You must:

    • Promptly notify the Registrar if you have reason to believe that another practitioner is unable to perform the functions required for the practice of chiropractic because of some mental or physical condition.
  • You must:

    • Inform us of the current postal address, residential address and (if applicable) work address, and promptly advise us of any changes in your address.
    • Advise us of any changes in your name within one month.