Conduct reviews

If there is a conduct concern the Board may decide to refer a chiropractor to a Professional Conduct Committee (PCC).

PCCs are appointed by the Board to investigate information that raises questions about the appropriateness of a chiropractor’s conduct or the safety of their practice should the need arise.

A PCC is a statutory committee that regulates its own procedure. Every PCC consists of one layperson and two registered chiropractors.

The PCC’s role is to investigate the circumstances that led to the complaint or conviction and then to make recommendations or determinations under section 80 of the HPCA Act.

PCCs can make various determinations and recommendations. 

Some of the determinations and recommendations are:

  • that the Board counsel the practitioner
  • that the Board review the competence of the health practitioner
  • that the Board review the practitioner’s scope of practice
  • that a charge be brought against the health practitioner in the Health Practitioners’ Disciplinary Tribunal
  • that no further steps be taken.

If a PCC (or the Health and Disability Commissioner’s Director of Proceedings) lays a charge against a health practitioner, the charge will be heard by the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal.

Flowchart: PCC process