To apply for registration, or to renew your APC, please log into your profile and complete the application online.

Partial Year APC (3 months only)

The partial year APC (three months) can only be applied for once in an APC year by a registered chiropractor who has not practised at any other time during that APC year (01 April to 31 March). If a practitioner who has already applied for a partial year APC, then wishes to apply for another in the same APC year, they will need to apply for a full APC.  

Application for Partial Yeal APC (3 months only) 

Application for Partial Year APC (6 months only)

Other Forms

Payment Form – (This form is not to be used for initial registration or renewal of Annual Practising Certificate)

Maintenance of registration only – no APC

Request for Criminal Conviction History – Complete the form and email to or mail to Criminal Records Unit, Ministry of Justice, National Office, SX 10161, Wellington, New Zealand